A boozehound goes sober...

A boozehound goes sober...

Friday, January 1, 2016

Day 1: The Hangover

January 1, 2016. 9:46am. Daylight (or so my window tells me). Drinks-0.
January 1, 2016 4:46pm. Dusk (or so my window tells me). Drinks-0

The only that has changed since 9:46am is I put clothes on my body, drank water, and re-watched the entire reality tv series, The Hills. I kept remembering how great I felt yesterday, how shitty I felt today, and how I have no idea what tomorrow will be like.
This is me in bed. I hope to not be here as much ever again. 
Last night was fun, I spent too much money and drank WAY TOO much. The next couple days will be me recovering, as well as my bank account. One thing I am looking forward to this  month is saving money.  I am keeping track of my daily expenses, and hopefully after 31 days I will see that the money I save could be used for productive things like groceries or trips (to friend's weddings).

Note to Readers: The Hills still holds up. The New Year's Eve 2006 (yup that was just typed/read) was great. Also, all those kids were underage and drinking on TV. I SEE YOU LAUREN CONRAD!

Day 1, almost complete. I can do this. Thanks for reading. Got to go eat this pizza.


Weight Loss-0lbs
Money Spent- $26 (pizza is expensive y'all)
# of foot in mouth moments-1

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