A boozehound goes sober...

A boozehound goes sober...

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Day 28: The Play

Day 28. 2:12am. Night. Drinks-0

Today was cool and shitty at the same time....but let's focus on the cool!

While I was on the ship, I wrote a play. A PLAY! A couple weeks ago, my friend Irene read it and offered me advice. I made some edits. And asked some friends to read it for me. Tonight, my friends Jack and Andy read my play out loud...I heard my words (FINALLY) spoken, out loud, by people that weren't me. And the best part? I didn't hate it. I fell more in love with it. I have so much work to do, but I am proud of it. They offered me wonderful advice, and agreed (schedules willing) to go forward with the project. My other friend Mike agreed to work with the actors and the script to help me get some direction. At about 8:47pm tonight, I felt like I was really making something happen and it was rad as hell. 

After we were done, I bought Andy a beer. We chatted with some other friends at the theater bar. As mentioned before, Andy had a beer. Liz had a wine. Katy had a martini. I had a soda water with SO many limes. Tonight, I wanted to have a drink after hearing my words. There was a relief I felt when they were reading the play...a relief that said, "you are good at this." (I was terrified that when they read it out loud, it would SUCK.) With this relief, came the strong urge to have a drink and just talk shop with friends. It's the most I've wanted a drink in the last 2 or so weeks. It was so strong that I couldn't help but memorize the drinks others had! 

Later, I went to dance and sing karaoke with friends to celebrate Irene (1st person to read my play-mentioned above) moving to LA. What's funny is that at this dive bar, I had zero urge to drink. It may have been that I was prepping to sing "I Wanna Dance With Somebody," by the incomparable Whitney Houston. Or that I am just used to it by now. Either way, it felt good to just dance and not feel awkward for not drinking. Also, I crushed my karaoke set...


Tonight was fun. (btw Thursday nights at Carol's pub will always have a wonderful place in my heart b/c of Irene and some kick ass ladies). Irene leaving is sad, but you can never be sad when you are around her. I mentioned that she was the first person that read my play. She also gave me the courage to get this play on its feet. She gave me the reassurance that it was good. 

Irene is one of those magical people you meet, and get pissed because you didn't meet her earlier in life. There is not one person that doesn't love Irene. She encourages you to be an artist and to force yourself to be uncomfortable because out of that, comes the amazing stuff. I did a piece for her show on Tuesday that was scary. I was hesitant to do it because I thought I would fail. Irene told me I would be great, and I just believed her. I knew if she said so, it meant I couldn't fall on my face. 

It is sucks she won't be here to encourage us all to be better artist, but I am really happy for her. The world is a better place because Irene exists. She helped me (and my guess is so many others) find a different voice that I didn't know was there. And that's freaking cool ass stuff! 

Day 28. Complete. Listening to all of Whitney Houston now!

Weight Loss-I was so sore today, I made no effort to go near the gym
Money Spent-$53
# of foot in mouth moments-0...I think....you never know! 

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