A boozehound goes sober...

A boozehound goes sober...

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Day 20: The Work

Day 20. 11:28pm. Night. Drinks-0

I've always loved being apart of the comedy scene because people are creative and produce meaningful shows and experiences. Tonight was a reminder of all those wonderful things in this community. I just got home from helping a friend with a movie that he is ACTUALLY filming. He has zero budget and making a freaking movie. How cool is that? Who really cares how or why I got to work on the set, but I did. It was a blast. Again, let me say HE IS PRODUCING A MOVIE!

This particular friend works harder than anyone I know. He constantly churns out material, puts his work out there, and is comfortable with whatever opinions or outcomes present themselves. I have no doubt that one day (very soon) he will be recognized for not only his hard work, but also the quality and sheer brilliance of his work. He doesn't drink...ever. Tonight made me wonder, is that the reason he gets some much shit done? The answer is....

He gets that much shit done because he works fucking hard, is focused and does what makes him happy. In the best sense, he puts his wants and needs first. He has fun by creating. His party is writing things and watching his friends bring it to life. Which posed another thought in my head, do I have fun creating? And if so, what stops me from getting shit done?The answer is yes. And the follow up is that my wants and needs have been clouded by what I think is fun.

While I love the comedy community for it's creativity and art, it is also a community that centers on drinking. An after show party, a night of drinking at a theater, or a boozy brunch have all taken the front seat in what "fulfills" me.  For me, the party and celebration are what I have put my stock in instead of the the creative work and process that produce great shows that then have those fun after parties. 

This month, I've written more than I have in a very long time (even more than on the ship when I cranked out a play). I write everyday...in this blog, and/or a character piece. It has made me feel great. While it is no full length feature film, it is a reminder that I want and need to write and create to be happy. Having several drinks after a show is a good time. Having drinks after a show that you worked hard to write, create, and put your artistic vision in is a better time. 

Do I think typing this means that come February 1st I will magically make all my sober epiphanies realities? 

No. Ya girl loves to brunch and drink wine/whiskey. I DO think (and hope) that I will be better at that thing called moderation. I hope that the urge to create will beat the urge to have a wine at a theater bar. And when it does, I look forward to watching my friends bring my art and creation to life. 

Day 20 complete. Anyone thing that a woman who is a crossing guard, only speaks in catch phrases but is secretly a super hero...is funny?  I think it has legs...

Weight Loss-I have no idea
Money Spent-TOO MUCH DAMN UBERS--I have a problem
# of foot in mouth moments-0. 


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