A boozehound goes sober...

A boozehound goes sober...

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Day 23: The Saturday Nights

Day 23. 1:49am. Night. Drinks-0

Saturdays are hard. It's the night I think about drinking the most. Tonight, I was celebrating the birthday of one of my greatest friends in Chicago. He and I have been known to drink a bottle or four on a Saturday night (or really any night that one of us suggest it).

Any given Saturday Night with Thom and Becca 

I had several conversations about my decision not to drink this month. I was surprised on the ease and in which I spoke about the struggles I have had-most notably how it has forced me to ask some very important life questions and my struggle with not losing the weight I thought I would. I was very honest and open about how scary it is that alcohol plays such a major role in our "comedy" world. I had REAL and MEANINGFUL conversations. Then, they jokingly offered me booze.  

It wasn't hard to say no to drinking tonight. And I actually reached a point in the night where drinking wasn't even appealing. It was interesting to watch as others drank, got tipsy, and then maybe drunk (I don't really know--and also who cares, they were living their best life and having fun...FUCK THE HATERS!)

A couple people remarked, "I am sure this is hell for you," or "this must be no fun being sober," but it was fun. I enjoyed being at the party because it was Thom's birthday and I love Thom. Like I said above, I had conversations that had depth (I got into a real great discussion on the education system, the achievement gap, "college readiness," and the cycle of poverty. I LOVED IT). There were some awkward moments, for sure, but I squashed that by shoving cheese and crackers, hummus, chips, salsa, cake, and m&ms in my mouth. 

Saturdays are hard, but tonight, it wasn't. I wasn't tempted to drink--that doesn't mean I didn't want to. It just means that it didn't feel like as big as a struggle as it had 2 weeks ago. 

Day 23. Complete, and still thinking about the cycle of poverty/education and how so many of us are blinded by our own privilege that we have lost our ability to empathize. 


Weight Loss-Nope. Not today Satan, NOT TODAY!
Money Spent-Ya girl got a manicure and did some stuff for herself! $62
# of foot in mouth moments-0 (But it got close with the education talk)

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