A boozehound goes sober...

A boozehound goes sober...

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Day 17: The Cold

Day 17. 4:06pm. FRIGID Day. Drinks-0

Well Chicago, you beautiful bitch, you've decided to really embrace your Winter-self and make it so that going outside is impossible, because going outside would make your eyeballs freeze. Seriously, I was just outside and I think my eyeballs froze. WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO US? I guess, why do we do this to ourselves....there are places that NEVER get so cold that you can't cry at how cold it is because your tears would freeze. But why you got to make us all be like...

There will be no temptation to drink tonight, as I am not leaving my apartment again. I am ordering pizza, wearing sweat pants, and watching Beverly Hills 90210 (the original--NEVER watch the remount of it...never watch that crap...NEVER!). Tonight, Imma be all like....

Some have asked how I am still single...please re-read the last paragraph and realize I had to google, "cats with pizza gifs," to find the picture that followed. You have your answer now.

Also, if I could I would marry Dylan McKay from 1993. He had his own house and a motorcycle. If it were 1995, then totally marrying Brandon Walsh cause like he had his shit together. I'm just a gal looking for a man with some 90s hair! 

Day 17. Not complete, but cold as fuck. 


Weight Loss-It was 9 degrees outside, and I still ran at the gym. There is no reason to do anything but applaud that behavior!
Money Spent- $5
# of foot in mouth moments-0!

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