A boozehound goes sober...

A boozehound goes sober...

Monday, January 4, 2016

Day 4: The Long Day

January 4, 2016. (Technically Jan. 5th). 12:30am. Dark. Drinks-0

My day started at 6:45am this morning when I got ready "work." (I am a part-time nanny for a 14-month old in Lincoln Park.)  My day ended at 12:30am after shadow teaching a class at the iO Theater/watching my friends do a show for a packed house of new improv students and fans. 

NOTE: I am currently trying to figure out what the actual fuck I am doing with my life. I just returned from working on a cruise ship for Second City where I spent my days running, writing, and bathing in the sun. Now, I spend my days wondering if every decision up to this point was the exact wrong one to make. Thus why I am currently cleaning shit off a 14-month old. BUT I DIGRESS...

Today, was non stop.  However, I felt energized. I wasn't sluggish. And I was present in my interactions for the majority of my day. (Not something I can say about the day after drinking). 

When I first started taking classes and performing (at 24years old), I was working as a teacher in Chicago Public Schools. Days like today were normal. Work by 7am. Workout at 4pm. Quick Dinner at 6pm. Improv class or rehearsal at 7pm. Watch a show at 10pm. Go to bed at midnight. I remember being exhausted but happy to be tired. I didn't feel that tonight...I just felt tired from a long day. I am fucking 31 years old--bitch needs SLEEP! BUT, I had forgotten what the "hustle" in performing and improv felt like.  

"Back then," I didn't drink on school nights because I didn't want to be too tired the next day. (To be clear, the next day would have just a full schedule as the one before it.) "Back then," I was watching/learning/doing improv wherever I could find it. Classes on the weekends, watching Cook Co. while interning at iO, watching Emily Wilson wherever I could find her, performing for 5 people at The Underground Lounge or the Crocodile Lounge, or for a better house at the Playground. "Back then," drinking wasn't even on my radar unless I had a free Saturday night or after a performance. 

Tonight, I was surrounded by improv students. It was really lovely evening, because none of it needed a drop of alcohol to make it funnier, more authentic, or cool. It was a reminder of what it felt like 6 years ago: hungry, driven, and full of energy. 

This post makes it seem like I never thought about drinking tonight. I did think about it. More than I like. But I didn't do it...and I am proud of myself. 

Day 4 complete.  We still have a long way to go. The way I see it...this month is still in diapers. 


Weight Loss-0 (this has to change soon...RIGHT?!?!?!)
Money spent-$40 (that cab home was expensive y'all!)
# of foot in mouth moments-0 (2 days in a row!!)

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