A boozehound goes sober...

A boozehound goes sober...

Friday, January 8, 2016

Day 8: The Sleepy One

Day 8. 10:25pm. Night. Drinks-0

Once I decided to take a break from drinking, I began to look into how other people did it. I came across a lot of helpful links...most recently and notable, Andy Boyle's post that blew up like crazy. Most sources said my friends would give me a hard time--hasn't happened. Some detailed how I would feel healthier and lose a ton of weight--eh kinda happening (the healthier one...I am snacking like a monster). They ALL mentioned that I would be tired and not be able to stay up late-HAPPENING!

Me at every social situation that lasts past 10pm.

I had big plans tonight: dinner with pals, a Bachelor viewing party, then hop in a cab and head to watch friends do a show. I got to the viewing party and felt my body and brain slow. I had a blast, but the idea of continuing on this social train made me more exhausted then watching a bunch of under 30 year olds, get drunk, say the word journey, and talk about how in love they are with a 26 year old man from Indiana. As soon as the show was over and we finished laughing about the absurdity we just saw, I was out the door. 

I was home by 10pm, and was all like... 

I know I need to push myself to be in more situations where I have to say no to alcohol, but I am just so damn tired. I have goals for the next week. 1. Eat healthier 2. Stay out later and force myself to live it up around those drinking it up. 3. Watch the Bachelor and not wonder if I could still get on the show.

Day 8. Complete and tired as hell, y'all!  


Weight Loss-+1 million 
Money spent-Groceries, dinner and cabs OH MY! 
# of foot in mouth moments-0. Those ladies on the Bachelor did it for me. 

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