A boozehound goes sober...

A boozehound goes sober...

Friday, January 29, 2016

Day 29: The Big Head

Day 29. 2:22am. Night. Drinks-0

This month has been great! I sleep a lot, I work out a lot, I eat snacks (a lot), and I think A LOT! I maybe think toooooo much. I live inside my head.

In the last couple weeks, I've reflected a lot about past behaviors and situations. I have let my mind swirl. I replay certain moments, nights, and people over and over again. I determine that these things have resulted in me getting a reputation of (fill in the blank with some negative idea). Basically, I play this game of madlibs most days.

"Oh God, remember that night when I was at (Name of Chicago Theater). I think I said something dumb to (Name of Comedy Friend). Woof. I really stuck my foot in my mouth by (insert overshare about my life). Jesus. I bet they and everyone thinks I am (insert unpopular opinion about me). Great. Most people don't like me."

Y'all that is CRAZY as hell. NO ONE THINKS ABOUT ME AS MUCH AS I DO. Like Lisa Vanderpump says, I "am not that important"

Not drinking tonight was a very easy choice. What was not an easy choice, was shutting off my brain. It was hard to tell myself to stop worrying about the past or people--both are things you can't control. I do like the person I have been this month. She's been very cool and barely sticks her foot in her mouth (both literally and figuratively).

Day 29. Complete. But, you guys would tell me if the WORLD hated me? RIGHT?


Weight Loss-I went to they gym, and tried to work out....but then I got tired. So like who knows!?
Money Spent-too much today...too much
# of foot in mouth moments-0. #crushingit

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