A boozehound goes sober...

A boozehound goes sober...

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Day 13: The Whine

Day 13. 9:58pm. Night. Drinks-0

Tonight, I met an old pal for dinner after. I hadn't seen Meigan since I got back from the ship, and even before I left Chicago, in August, we had sort of fallen out of touch. Meigan is one of those friends that tells it like it is but in a way that makes you love her more for it. I am always having a good time when I am with her. If you don't know her then that 's on you cause she fun as hell.

We went to a beautiful spot in the Gold Coast. I was jazzed to try a new place. We sat down. I looked around. And damned if every bitch in that place wasn't drinking, what looked to be, the best fucking glass of wine ever. I was all like...

They even had the nerve to have wonderful stemware and heavy pours. At some point, the woman next to us took a sip and said to her friend, "This Sav Blanc is heavenly." Which had me all like....

I love having a glass of wine at dinner with friends. (that is the whitest thing I have ever said...I am sure I have said something whiter). Tonight, I wanted one. Had I gotten a glass, it still would have been a great dinner with a great friend. I wouldn't have gotten black out drunk. I would have only spent a couple more dollars than I did. The world would have kept turning. But I didn't do it because that's what February is for! 

Day 13. Complete. At some point, I will touch on all the wonderful messages I got from last night's post. I can't begin to describe how loved and supported I felt. For now, thank you for reaching out and know that I am proud to be your friend, I am doing great, and I think you are a unicorn!


Weight Loss-Glitch, I didn't weigh myself because today was about loving myself! Put that on a t-shirt!
Money Spent- $20
# of foot in mouth moments-2 (I mumbled for that woman to shut up about her wine)

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